Moskey Dental Labs offers complete denture service including full dentures, implant supported over-dentures, repairs, hard and soft relines, and rebases. We also produce full dentures fabricated with premium high impact acrylics from Dentsply, Fricke, and other top quality manufacturers.

AvaDent Digital Denture

We are the first lab in Ohio to offer the AvaDent digital denture.

View our patient education videos:

AvaDent Perfect-Fit Dentures

AvaDent Biohygenic Denture

AvaDent Immediate Denture

AvaDent Denture With Two Implants

AvaDent Fixed Hybrid

AvaDent Denture with Snap-Pin Bar

Click here for even more information: AvaDent Professional page

Standard Denture

Our team of experienced technicians will offer the same attention to the fabrication of your patient's denture, without some of the custom options.

What you'll get:

  • Custom tray
  • Occlusal rim
  • Set up with your choice of teeth
  • One reset at no charge
  • Hand packed or injection process and finish
  • Remount for accuracy


  • Great fit, function and aesthetics

Soft liner material

Products used: Novus, Luci-soft, Perma-soft


  • Soft lined denture base
  • Gaskets


  • Resilient
  • Absorbs shock while chewing
  • Resistant to fungal growth
  • Low water absorption
  • Easy to adjust and polish
  • Bonds chemically to acrylic denture base resins
  • Can be used around implant, bar, and overdenture abutments


One of the most dreaded dental exercises is replacing a patient's existing denture. The patient was accustomed to the fit and esthetics of their old denture, and starting from scratch will often leave them less than satisfied.

Celara uses the patient's existing denture as a reference, eliminating preliminary impressions, custom trays, and wax rims. It enables you to predictably deliver dentures in three appointments, with increased patient satisfaction and minimal post insertion adjustments.


  • Replacement or duplication of a patient's existing denture


  • Fewer patient appointments
  • Increased accuracy
  • Greater patient acceptance
  • Fewer post insertion adjustments